at Platis Gialos Sifnos

Platys Gialos is considered by many to be the most cosmopolitan beach on the island. It is located on the southeastern edge of Sifnos, and has been awarded the EU’s blue flag for years now. Along the beach there are cafés, international cuisine restaurants and traditional Sifnian tavernas. It features sunbeds across a large part of it while water sports fans can find a great deal of activities.

Here, about halfway along the beach, lies Moschoula Pension at a distance of just 10 metres from the beach. Close by, there is a public parking space as well as a bus stop.


  • Chrissopigi: 3km

  • Apollonia (capital): 8km

  • Kamares (port): 13km

Treks and activities

We can offer information for boat rentals, cruises to neighbouring islands and water sports on the beach.

Furthermore, for trekking fans, Sifnos is an island ideal for trail touring. It features more than 100 km of signposted trails, which lead to far away beaches or scenic chapels. Some of them are directly connected to Platys Gialos; Find details below:


Νο4: Platis Gialos - Fykiada

Connection with Νο 4Α: Platis Gialos - Fykiada - Vathy

Νο3: Apollonia - Platis Gialos

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